by Calum Juniper

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In his debut release, Calum Juniper takes you on a journey from the sun of Los Angeles to the fog of San Francisco. Drawing from his travels in California, each song is a postcard from the places he enjoyed most. His influences from classic LA bands like The Doors to the electronic sounds of Bay Area artists like Toro Y Moi come together to create a bold beginning to his solo career.


released September 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Calum Juniper Leeds, UK

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I enjoyed making it. Keep your ears open, I've always got something new for ya. Peace.

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Track Name: Promise (Venice Beach)
Venice, my darling you can’t come quick enough
Venice, my darling you can’t come quick enough
I miss your promised lands
I miss your golden sands
Venice, my darling you can’t come quick enough

Wonder why you hold me
Track Name: Happiness and Seafood (Santa Monica)
Affluence surrounds me
Abundance of rich, tanned faces
Shopping bags hold Prada
But Rodeo Drive is far away

Here we are on 3rd Street
Spitting dinosaurs line the promenade
The palm trees here as native
As the wannabes who make their home here

Neon that you can’t escape from
Neon Santa Monica

Ferris wheel forever
The rollercoaster shakes this timber
Dipping dots and skeeball
Arcane arcades are made of quarters

Happiness and seafood
That’s what they sell you here
Lick it up just like the
Pacific does upon these stilts
Track Name: High Emotion (Griffith Park)
Can you believe all the
Dust on your jeans
As you wander ahead
Of the pack?

Ever so close yet
You’re ever so far
With the Sun beating
Down on your back

Blue is fading
It’s time to get a move on
You spit and curse
That you don’t have better shoes on

Don’t you start to cry!

Look around you
It is golden
Look around you
The Sun is molten
Look around you
At the ocean
Look around you
High emotion

Giddy again as you
Take in the sight
Of LA and its
Infinite roads

So many tourists
And so many purists are
Speaking in their
Little codes

The Sun is bouncing
Off every metal surface
Griffith’s legacy is
Looking so perfect

Don’t you start to cry!
Track Name: Aprons and Ambitions (Hollywood)
One thousand lions for
Just a morsel of meat
And they’re out in the street
I’m sure they sell you coffee

They have to make sure
That they’ve shaken their mane
To be king of the plain
It isn’t so simple

Out in Hollywood
Out in Hollywood
There is a jungle

At the oasis
It’s a glamorous club
Where they don’t allow cubs
The buffalo are kingpins

The monkeys look on
As they swing in the trees
They’re so easily pleased
Just give them a banana
(Just another one)
Track Name: Corridors (Berkeley)
Settle in the tree-lined
Corridors of College Avenue

Socialise with students with
Appetites, here to get some food

Take a look at the young minds
Take a look at the young minds
Take a look at the young minds
And see the future
Every thought is a gift so don’t mess it up
Every thought is a gift so don’t mess it up

Liberalised, lazy, not crazy
Just want to have some fun

Worship in the shadow of Ginsberg
He lived just over there
Track Name: Blue and Gold (Pier 39/Embarcadero)
Looking out from Pier 39
Nostrils sting from slumbering sea lions
Alcatraz, the fortress on the sea
Thankfully not what it used to be

Tourist trap that we know that it is
Still, we want to tick it off our lists
Wait until you set foot in Boudin
Biggest bread bowls that you’ve ever seen

Simply float away
On the open bay
Take this gorgeous day
Simply float away

Setting sail from Fisherman’s Wharf
Check the instruments and check our course
The piers stick out like rows of jagged teeth
Gesturing to distant coral reef

Sudden increase in your heart rate
When you look upon the Golden Gate
Floating ferries find their way home
Over awesome azure foam
Track Name: Kerouac (North Beach)
Kerouac and Cassady
Live on as shadows here
Italy is all I see
Cafes, imported beer

Painted walls
And market stalls
Can’t complete
King of the Beats

Melodies of Cadillacs
Erased by hybrid hum
Some of me would put it back
I’d drink, live like a bum

Back then it was scintillating
All that died, it is so frustrating
Track Name: Acres (Twin Peaks)
Here we are above
California golden acres are
Glowing out of sight
Muni trains and microscopic cars

We can see it all
All the way to Mount Diablo
See what’s in between
Bridge and bay, a blue kaleidoscope

Stretching out my limbs
Finger lengths away from touching God
Sutro Tower high
Crooked like an awkward fishing rod

Goodbye is getting close
I don’t really wish to leave
Goodbye is getting closer
I don’t really wish to leave

Fighting through the fog
Shimmering, a silver ocean kiss
Tiny little boats
Out upon the Bay that I will miss

A place I can be my own
A place I can call a home